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The shirt making department at Harvie and Hudson is the very essence of Jermyn Street. Somewhere where you, the customer can order whatever shirt you desire in any fit, any style, any colour. For over 70 years now, we have been making shirts for men all over the world in the same way that George Hudson and Thomas Harvie did in their first shop in Duke Street, St James's. We still draught individual paper patterns, using the customer’s measurements and hand cut the cloth to ensure precise fit, and all our shirts are made in London. 

It is true to say that once you have experienced the shirtmaking process, you will want to do it again.  It is incredibly satisfying to participate in the design of your own Bespoke Shirts in London. Before you attend a Bespoke appointment, take stock of your favourite features – slender collars, buttoned cuffs, a slim fit – and you will be amply prepared to make decisions with our shirtmaker.  The range of cloth on our books today is enormous, but you will be helped to narrow it down.

The first Bespoke Shirt that you put on may be a revelation.  That’s because many men do not precisely conform to the standard measurements used by clothing retailers.  You could have a wide neck and narrow frame, broader than usual shoulders, or an asymmetrical torso. The smallest tweaks will create a Shirt that looks effortlessly handsome.  A Bespoke Shirt is made to fit your unique shape – ah, so that’s the way it is supposed to fit!   


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Still have questions? You may be able to find the answers to what you are looking for within our FAQ's section, click on the button below to see some of the most popular questions asked by customers like you. If you are still unsure or have another question that is not on our list, why not give us a quick call?

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Bespoke Shirt

Bespoke shirts are the heart and heritage of Harvie & Hudson. We’ve been cutting shirts at our stores for over 65 years. With our Head Cutter, Kerry Ford, leading the team for over 30 years. Going bespoke allows you to get a unique fit, choose any style of collars and cuffs, access the finest luxury quality cloths, along with the ability to add your own personal touches into a shirt made exclusively for you, and you only.


MADE-TO-MEASURE FROM £295                                                                                      

Do you like the idea of having your clothes made especially for you? A Made-to-Measure Shirt could be the perfect introduction to the world of custom clothing. Although the high street offers hundreds of ready-made shirts when it comes to fit and style, it can be difficult to find the exact shirt you want. Especially if you have long arms or prefer a specific collar shape, this is when Made-to-Measure is the better option and certainly worth the investment!

With a made-to-measure, the shirt will be made to customer’s specification but with a pre-existing pattern, which is altered to fit. Various features and design elements can be mixed together. In our Jermyn Street Store, we have available all sorts of colours, fits and styles. This service is especially good if you find a Shirt of the shelf, but want minor adjustments made. The process is very similar to Bespoke in the sense that you have the same amount of choice in fabrics, patterns, linings and buttons except most of the design has already been done. Because the manufacturing process is alike, the price is only slightly lower starting from £295. 

Come to our store and have a consultation so we can assist you in the search for the perfect shirt. Discover the process behind our Made-to-Measure service below.


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shirts care


Caring for your Custom Tailored Shirt                                                                                    

A custom Shirt requires proper care and attention, explore our care guide and discover some tips and tricks as well as the necessary information on how to look after your Harvie and Hudson Shirt. With this information, you should be capable of looking after your Shirt in the right manner, making your special purchase last for years to come. If you have any additional questions regarding your shirt care process, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.




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