The Evolution of Harvie and Hudson

For an overview of our company’s history, read through our timeline. We had the opportunity to dive into our past archives and discover the 70 years of history of Harvie and Hudson. Interviews were part of our research to create a rich and authentic story of the family business. We spoke to Directors from each generation in order to get a flavour of events that occurred in each decade.  A common theme with the Directors was that Harvie and Hudson strived to be premium and luxury brand from 1949 and continues to do so today.

Our full story is available on our Celebrating Our Heritage page, which gives you in-depth knowledge of the brand. For Harvie and Hudson, it all begun with two friends coming together to create a Shirt that was loved by many. Our bold Striped Shirt is rich in legacy and history. Browse through our beautiful collection of Striped Shirts to see how the iconic Shirt has evolved.