Welcome To Your Shirts Care Guide 

This guide has been compiled with you in mind. It features some great tips and tricks as well as what to expect from your first purchase. It also includes the necessary information on how to look after your Harvie and Hudson Shirt. 

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Caring for your Shirt

Caring For Your Shirt  

Shrinkage is something that occurs naturally in the wash, and your shirt is constructed with this in mind. As a rule of thumb, shirts are made with a shrinkage allowance of 3/4 of an inch of sleeve and 1/4 of an inch on the collar. Therefore, expect your shirt to shrink to the correct size once washed. We suggest washing your shirt at 40 degrees as it is the perfect temperature to get a clean shirt without excess shrinkage. 

A Harvie and Hudson shirt is built to last. You should expect your shirt to last up to 3 years or more if taken care of. Take into account that the more often you wear it and wash it, it will have an effect on the longevity of your shirt. 


5 Easy Rules to Increase the Lifetime of your Shirt

5 Easy Rules To Follow To Increase The Lifetime Of Your Shirt 

1) Only use a laundry if you are confident with the competence. 
2) Avoid starching your shirt as this could ruin it. 
3) Moisten your shirt prior to ironing, and keep the iron warm. 
4) If possible, try not to tumble dry your shirt. 
5) Wash your shirts in the optimal 40 degrees cycle. 

The secret to a crisp shirt in 4 easy steps

The Secret To A Crisp Shirt In 4 Easy Steps 

To get a crisp shirt when ironing you need to get the right amount of dampness in the shirt. If you follow the steps below, you will get enough time moisten the collar and cuff as well as the lining. Leaving you with a crisp shirt that is a pleasure to wear. 

Step1: Spray the collar and cuffs of your dry shirt with water. 
Step 2: Roll the shirt into a ball with the collar and cuffs in the middle. 
Step 3: Leave the shirt for half an hour or so before coming back to iron it. 
Step 4: Iron the collar from the points towards the middle - Never towards the point.