There are several old adages that define the correlation between spending money and the subsequent quality delivered. Two that spring to mind are: 'You get what you pay for' and 'buy cheap, buy twice' - both of which remain pertinent, even in times of economic turbulence.

While it might be easy to pop into Harvey Nichols or John Lewis on your lunch break to pick up an 'off the peg shirt', having clothes made precisely to your specifications is something really special and something that every man should experience at least once in his life.

Some people may wonder what might be the point of spending hundreds of pounds on a single article - what exactly do you get for your money? It's a good question but easily answered. Here are a few reasons why bespoke clothes come at a justifiable premium.

Quality's in the craftsmanship

There is a huge amount of skill involved in tailoring bespoke clothes; it is a specialised craft carried out by those who have learned the trade over many years, probably at the hand of a master until they too had achieved such professional recognition. Many are family businesses, where fathers have taught the trade to their sons.

These craftsmen take a personal pride in their work that is likely to be lacking in a factory environment. With their reputation at stake, you can all but guarantee any article of bespoke clothing is lovingly crafted with care, attention and finished to the absolute highest standard. In fact, it's unlikely you'll ever wear anything of better quality - unless you return for more!

A truly reputable business will allow you to try the item, wash it and return it back for any final alterations or adjustments. M&S does not offer that service, do they?

Cutting The Fabric

Choice of materials

How many times have you seen a nice coat, a pair of trousers or pullover but bemoaned the fact that it was manufactured in a colour or material that you do not like? Countless times, no doubt! Often we see clothes that might be just right but, for the designer's proclivity for purple suede.

That need never is the case with bespoke clothes; one of the biggest advantages of this option is that you can choose the material - from a range of top quality cloths - to suit your preferences. What is more, you will be given the opportunity to select the finishing touches as per your own style, from the type of cuffs to the presence of a gauntlet button.

The item is absolutely unique to you and created as per your requirements.

Fabric Selection

Perfect fit

When having an item of clothing made uniquely for you, fit will never be a problem - no more tight collars or short arms. The process involves thorough measurement from which a pattern is produced. In making a suit, for example, some 40 measurements are taken. This pattern is then used as a template around which the material is cut.

In most cases, you will be asked to try the item in an interim stage to ensure that the fit mirrors your form as it should. Once any changes are noted, the item will be sewn together properly and finished by the tailor or seamstresses. Patterns are generally held by the business so that re-ordering is an easy process, providing the customer isn't prone to excessive weight loss or gain.

Upholding tradition

There was a time when all clothes were made by hand and while this is not the case anymore, those who opt for a bespoke service might feel as though they are keeping these extraordinary skills alive and upholding long-held traditions. The finished item somehow becomes imbued with the craftsman's sense of pride and can instill in the wearer a similar impression of dignity.

As you can hopefully discern, the creation of a bespoke article of clothing is a painstaking, time-consuming, skilled and detailed process; but one that is carried out by talented experts using the finest materials and accessories. Ask anyone that wears bespoke clothing and they'll tell you, the premium was worth it.