We had the opportunity this week to sit down with Mr Andrew Hudson and speak about product care on our shirts. We asked him popular questions that our customers always ask, so we thought an informational blog answering these questions would help you. 

  1. Is there any difference in sizing between our shirts and other brands that customers should be aware of before purchasing?

One of the differences between us and other brands is that we label our shirts the size they are made but also include the measurements it will end up being after three washes, as there is slight shrinkage. A noticeable difference between us and other manufacturers is our slim fit is not particularly slim.  It is aimed at the same people who have been buying our shirts for years but find they are more conscious of how it looks when they take their jacket off. Rather than fitting a completely different customer. Anybody under the age of 30 finds that our slim shirts are too big. The message we want to get out to the customer is don’t be frightened by the fact it says slim fit because it’s not going to be tight. It’s more tailored fit, maybe even athletic fit.
The feedback that we get is that we are one of the few brands that are still making a nice long tail, so there is plenty to tuck in.

  1. Do cotton shirts shrink in hot water? when purchasing a new shirt, should our customers expect shrinkage? And how much?

Yes, our shirts do shrink in hot water. We recommend all our customers to wash our shirts at 40 degrees, it is a good temperature to get a cleaned shirt. In terms of shrinkage, we would allow 3/8 of an inch sleeve and ¼ of an inch on the collar.

  1. What is the optimum temperature should our customers be washing their shirts at?

When you first buy it will be big on the collar and long on the sleeve and body and it will shrink to what it says on the label. As mentioned before nothing above 40 degrees should be used to wash our shirts. 

  1. Do our Shirts shrink after washing?

There will be some alterations in the first 3 washes. Nearly all of it will be on the first wash. When we do MTM shirts, we give them a sample and recommend them to wash it 3 times and then you know what size your shirt will end up being. 

  2. Can you give us any helpful tips on how to look after a Harvie and Hudson Shirt?

Don’t use a laundry unless you are very confident with your laundrette. Don’t ever starch a shirt. Don’t tumble dry. Don’t iron it with a hot iron and certainly when it’s not too dry. The secret to getting it looking nice is with the ironing. You need to get the right amount of dampness in the shirt.
With a dry shirt, what I do is spray the collar and cuffs with water and then roll it into a ball with the collar and cuffs in the middle. I’d leave it for half an hour or so and come back and iron it. You get enough time to moisture the collar and cuff and the lining.

  1. Can you put Shirts in the dryer? 

Do not put our shirts in a tumble dryer because it destroys them. It gets unbelievably hot and does horrible things to the fabric.

  2. Which Shirts do you dry clean?

That's a personal choice – You don’t get any shrinkage if you take it to the dry cleaners. However, it's good to know what chemicals they use to wash the shirts. People can be allergic to the detergents being used.

  1. How long should a Harvie and Hudson shirt last?

It depends on a lot of things such as how often you wear it and wash it. Things that are can wear it off is ironing when it’s very dry with a hot iron. Our shirts should last up to 3 years or more. 

If you have any other questions on product care, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help our customers with their enquiries. 

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