We know that many of our clientele have very important meetings to attend overseas and therefore, must dress smart for the occasion. Thus, likely to pack dress shirt such as traveller shirts and business shirts in their suitcase. The only worry is how to get them transported with as little wrinkle as possible. Even if you don’t like packing, Harvie and Hudson have found a solution that will make travelling a dream.

If you keep getting wrinkles on your shirts every time your travel, then we think it’s fair to say you’ve not got the right technique. We have found a method easy enough to follow, so you can spend less time fighting the iron and more time closing your deals. 

You’ve probably heard of the old tale “The fold & role” packing style for travelling. It is a great way to pack your clothes, but we would not recommend it for smart shirts. We suggest that folding the shirt is better, to minimise creasing. 

Here is how to pack your shirts in a way that minimizes wrinkles: 

1. To get started you need to button up your Harvie and Hudson traveller shirt to the top.

2. Lay it face down on a flat, hard surface. Make sure the sleeves are spread out too. 

3. Get hold of one of the sleeves and fold it inwards towards the middle of the shirt. This should be about halfway up the sleeve; repeat the same thing with the other sleeve. See the image below for further clarification. 

4. Fold the sides to the middle of the shirt. Take a look at image below.  

5. Finally fold the shirt in half lengthwise from the bottom up. Do this as many times as needed, depending on the length of the shirt. Flip the folded shirt over and store.



6. Fold it once again so that you have more space in your luggage for the rest of your shirts. Repeat this technique again with your other shirts. It should look something similar to the image below. 

This step by step instruction should create more space to fit more shirts in and avoid wrinkles. Bare in mind that there are other factors that contribute to shirts wrinkling such as: 

  • Fabric type and weave. For example, Linen shirts crease more than cotton and wool Shirts. 

  • How long your clothing is packed in the suitcase. Try and avoid keeping it in your suitcase for to long. It’s better you get everything out and hang it. 

  • How tightly your clothing is packed. The more weight the more crease your clothes will get. The less items in the luggage, the better. 

Enjoy folding your shirts with our new technique!