How to fold a Suit Jacket 
Do you travel a lot for business? Then you need to know how to fold your jacket properly.  It’s important you look smart, creased jackets are not the way forward, especially if you’ve invested in buying high quality jackets like ours. You don't want the corozo buttons to come off or the hank pocket to tear, instead you want the shoulder pads to stay in their original shape. So, create the best impression at your next oversees meeting, and read through our guidelines below:

Inside-out Fold

Choose the jacket you want to pack in your luggage. I would say this method is easier when holding the jacket, rather than laying it flat on a hard surface.

The first step is to turn the jacket inside out. Fold the left shoulder back, so that the lining is on the outside. Look at image below for reference. 

Jacket Step 1

Turn the right shoulder inside out, then tuck the left shoulder into the right. Folding you jacket this way should avoid you dealing with the awkwardness of the inward-facing shoulder pads. Look at the image below. 

Finally fold the jacket in lengthwise and then fold horizontally. This should create a square shape that fits easily in a suitcase. To be extra safe you can always put it inside a plastic bag.

This method is easy, effective and less time-consuming, so if you’re in a rush then this might the perfect option for you. 



  • If you can, avoid folding the jacket at all. You might want to put inside a garment bag if it needs to be transported. You can get yourself a garment bag from any menswear store or purchase one online. 

  • If you do have to fold, minimize the number of folds needed to reduce wrinkles. 

  • Before folding it, you should clean and press it before you travel. 

  • To make sure the folded jacket is placed at the top of all your other clothes in the suitcase.

  • Hang the jacket as soon as you get to your destination.