Packing for a weekend break 
Have you got somewhere to go this weekend? Do you know what to pack for your weekend trip? 

A normal list of things to pack would include your train ticket if you’re not driving, phone, charger, wallet, underwear and grooming products. All these are essential; however, we believe the most important thing to pack are your clothes. Think of packing outfits according to the destination and activities you might participate in. 

We want to share two outfit ideas for you to pack for your weekend break. We recently launched our Autumn Winter collection which includes excellent quality Cotton, Wool and Cashmere fabrics to give you a variety of choice. 

Re-create our ‘first-class traveller’ look with our Yellow Mustard Unstructured Cotton Jacket, the core piece that brings the whole outfit together. The bright colour makes the outfit more exciting and combines beautifully with our casual Navy Flower Print Shirt. The casual shirt immediately transforms the style from dull to attractive, especially when worn with our Navy Jeans.


"You can never be overdressed or overeducated" - Oscar Wilde 

Adapt this ‘date night’ look to your preference by adding a hank or sweater. As the temperature starts to drop, something warm to wear would be ideal. We recommended our Plain Blue Wool Jacket, made from high quality yarn from the Abraham Moon Mill in England. The key piece in this outfit is our Red Corduroy Casual Shirt, it is new to our collection and offers ultra-comfort, sturdiness and softness, which is perfect for a date. Make sure you pair it with our Rust Orange Cotton Trouser. 


"Fashions fade, style is eternal" - Yves Saint Lurent 

Outfit Two