If you know anything about Chinese traditions, 2020 is the year of the rat. In the Chinese culture, rats are a sign of wealth and surplus. So why not get ready to remove the old and welcome the new, forget about the misfortunes and be ready for good luck!  

Chinese New Year History 
It originates back to the Shong Dynasty, where people held sacrificial ceremonies in honour of Gods and ancestors at the beginning or the end of each year. They would be praying to their Gods and ancestors for good planting and harvest season as it was custom to begin agriculture on New Year. 

This festival has strongly influenced China’s neighbouring cultures including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. Don’t miss out and make plans for the Chinese New Year with family and friends. 

When is Chinese New Year?  
This year Chinese New Year falls on Saturday 25th of January 2020. It changes every year depending on the lunisolar. A lunisolar calendar is a calendar in many cultures who date indicates both the moon phase and time of the solar year. 

How is it celebrated in the UK? 
Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year is the most important among the traditional Chinese festivals. It marks the start of their calendar year, just like the 1st January would be the start of our calendar year.  

In the UK, Chinese communities hold New Year parades with dragon and flying lion dances in China town. Whilst you’re in that area, make sure to try traditional delicacies in restaurants or pop-up food stands. Then head over to Trafalgar square where you will see stage performances, acrobats and martial arts acts. 

Red and green are good luck colours in China, so pop in our store or online to find something to wear on Chinese New Year. 

Happy Chinese New Year!

May this New Year bring you prosperity, good luck and fortune