Cheltenham horse racing is the most recognised sport in the UK calendar, which is seen by thousands of people around the globe. It features top jockeys, trainers and some of the world's finest horses. The 2019 Cheltenham Festival will kick off Tuesday 12th March and end with the Gold Cup Day on Friday 15th March. The course can expect to welcome over 200,000 racegoers from all over the world.  The Cheltenham 2019 racecourse presents four days of extraordinary competition with a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Why not join the most prestigious jump racing of the year at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

We are delighted to share that we are parternering with Magners, who are exclusive sponsors of the most prestigious Jump race in Europe, the Cheltenham Gold Cup and as Presenting Partner of The Festival. We will be serving refreshing Irish Cider by Magners, at our Flagship Store in Jermyn Street on Friday 15th March 2019. Celebrate the Gold Cup with us whilst browing through our vibrant and breath-taking SS19 Collection!



We had the privilege of interviewing Oli Bell, who will be presenting the Cheltenham horse race this year. He is a sports presenter on ITV and has been an admirer of horse racing since his youth. He started his media career in radio covering a variety of racing and sporting events moving onto television in 2006. He has had the opportunity to present the international racing coverage on Sky Australia. Oli absolutely loves watching horse racing competitions and is very excited to present this years Cheltenham event.  

  1. What do you enjoy the most about your job? 

It’s not really a job because I get to watch and talk about horse racing, which I love. I think being able to showcase a sport that I really enjoy to an audience is fun and I get to work with my friends. Something like Cheltenham is not just an event that is big in racing, it is big across all sports. You do feel a sense of the occasion, the atmosphere is unbelievable, the roar of the crowd is not comparable to other sports. It’s also hosted in a beautiful part of the world. It’s a real privilege to go there and call it work.  

  1. What do you like about the Cheltenham horse race? 

I grew up watching horse racing. My uncle is a trainer, so I obviously followed it. I think my interest in horse racing has developed through the years. As I was growing up I use to look out for my uncle’s horses to see if they were doing well and would cheer them on. As I got a bit older I started taking horse riding lessons and got close to the horses through that. I’m not good at riding anymore. The sport has everything, the pageantry, the social side, the nice clothes and on the racing track you have amazing performances and brilliant stories. Racing does provide unbelievable stories, for example this, year there is horse who is favourite to win and is owned by a man who was blind at birth. When you watch him and listen in to the commentary its honestly amazing. It encapsulates everything that is good about sports. It’s a great event for all ages and allows you to have a great time with your friends. 

  1. Do you have a typical outfit? 

No not really. So, I present the morning opening show on ITV,  then I do the afternoon as well. There are two different styles for the show. In the afternoon when you’re at the races you need to wear a tie.  I would define that I have two different styles on air. In the morning a simple pair of chinos, a shirt and a nice jumper give me a smart casual look. It’s simple but looks smart. For my body shape I like to wear things that are quit fitted. In the evening at an event like Cheltenham you must wear practical clothes because it can be cold. Coming to place like Harvie and Hudson is great!  Just walking around the shop I can see that it has everything and caters for all sort of styles. It’s colourful and you can make a statement. You can wear something that’s practical and will keep you warm, but you can also dress the way you want to dress. It’s cool coming here because it caters for every age and every need for the races.  

  1. Is there a ritual or exercise you do before presenting on TV? 

It is quite a well-planned process. We have a meeting the night before the event starts. Because we’ve been doing this for so long now it’s very easy to know how everyone works. So, no ritual as such, but a lot of planning that goes into the programme. We have meetings in October and we plan ideas, features and content that’s going on the show. It’s full on. 


  1. Are there any other sports you’re interested in presenting or would like to present? 

Yes, last year I presented boxing, darts and football for ITV. Absolutely loved it. The boxing I did was part of an ITV series. ITV has a lot sports which is great. It gives us an opportunity to be involved in other sports. 

  1. What is an interesting fact about yourself? 

I use to be professional poker player. When I was 21 I played in a few tournaments around the world. Poker was a big thing growing up. 



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