If you are a golf supporter like our stylist consultant Mark Mansfield, then get tickets for British major gold tournament. The Open. It starts on Sunday 14th July and ends on Sunday 21st July 2019. This year the golf tournament will take place at the Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland. 

We had the opportunity to interview Mark Mansfield about his love for golf. Read his full interview below. 

What do you love about golf? 
It’s good exercise and out in the fresh air (if it’s not raining of course). I go away with a lot of friends for a golf tournament. 

Who do you support and why?
I would like a European to win it. I favour someone like Tommy Fleetwood or Edoardo Molinari. I’m also a fan of Tiger Woods who won the Masters.

The British Golf Open is a major’s competition, which is one of the four majors. Once you win this competition, then you’ve made it in golf. It’s one of the best competitions to win.
Why do you think people should go and watch the British Golf Opening? 
People should go because it’s a very popular tournament. The Open is the biggest golf tournament there is to go to. It’s in Ireland this year. 

Do you play the sports yourself? When and Where? 
Yes, I do. I’ve been playing for quiet a few years. I go away with 20 friends every year to Cambridge to play a tournament. I’ve played in America and Spain.  

What do you think people should wear to the event from our collection?
If they’ve got VIP tickets, then you would have to wear a Jacket and Tie. I would recommend a nice Linen Jacket, or a Stripe Blazer with a Stripe Tie is quite smart. If they’re watching it, then our Polos are a good option.
What is your favourite thing about golf? 
I like that it’s good exercise and a social sport. 

Do you think more people should play golf?
Yes, people should try it out. We should have a Harvie and Hudson tournament.

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