We are proud to say that our shirts continue to be successful after 70 years. Always continuously to develop our processes with originality and creativity at the heart of Harvie & Hudson. As Mr Harvie puts it: 

“70 years of Bold British Style”

Thomas Harvie and George Hudson first met whilst working at Jermyn Street Shirt makers, in 23 Jermyn Street. Thomas managed the store, whilst George cut the bespoke shirts. A strong friendship developed between them that they wanted to use each other’s skills and talents to create something magnificent. Together, they wanted to make their own shirt making business for the prestigious English gentleman. Thus, Harvie & Hudson was born in 1949. 

Howard Hudson remembers competitors in Jermyn Street selling conservative designs back when he started.  Customers such as Kings, aristocrats and celebrities had a conservative dress code to follow and Jermyn Street was the area to get their shirts made. All shirts were made to measure or bespoke, which meant that shirts were perfectly fitted for the individual. However, these processes have since moved to stocking ready to wear shirts and some of the magic was lost. 

Years later, the baton was passed on to the second generation of Harvies and Hudsons; Howard Hudson, Derek Hudson and Jeff Harvie. It was this generation that inaugurated the striped shirts made from flamboyant pyjama materials. This era was a peak moment for Harvie & Hudson, as they made a name for themselves on Jermyn Street at the time.

The stripe design developed to wider and wider stripes, which was a novelty in the high street and thus, Harvie & Hudson started somewhat a revolution. 

Forward to the 21st century and you would have seen a decline in bespoke shirt making and an indication towards on-the-rack shirts. Ready to wear has allowed Harvie & Hudson to stock shirts in different fits, patterns, designs and sizes along with suits, jackets, trousers and much more. 

In terms of design, you’ll see that Harvie & Hudson continue to sell their striped shirts, which are made from the finest Egyptian Cotton. To name a few, Blue and Navy Stripe Shirt, Sky Stripe Shirt, Blue and White Narrow Stripe Shirt are still available in our store and online.  In addition, the shirt collection now includes plain shirts, checked shirts and evening shirts to meet every occasional dress code. Furthermore, Harvie & Hudson have a variety of fit and cuff styles. We offer Classic Fit shirts, which provide you with a generous fit that will feel incredibly comfortable. Whereas, Slim Fit shirts are designed to fit closer to your body shape. Our first cuff style is the Double Cuff for those who want a smarter look with our cufflinks. The other option is the Button Cuff with built in Mother of Pearls buttons. Both are functional and modern.  

As Harvie & Hudson progressed, they continued with their Jermyn Street shirts signature of luxurious Mother of Pearls buttons, a long tail and Kent collar to wear a tie comfortably.  In 2018, Harvie & Hudson introduced a traveller edition shirt for men living in luxurious lifestyles in London’s most exclusive boroughs. Who would you prefer on easy care shirt?  With a perfected collection of business shirts, Harvie & Hudson decided to introduce more casual shirts but with the same traditional signature, which is known and loved by many. 

Harvie & Hudson’s latest collection includes button down jerseys’ and lightweight cotton shirts in array of summer colours. The jersey and lightweight shirts are an excellent choice for a casual affair. Offering a stylish alternative to the traditional button cuff shirts. 

Harvie & Hudson have aimed to create the perfect shirt from the beginning. From the materials to the linings and buttons used.  All the elements are precise and chosen with care, all considered with the customer in mind.