The Windsor knot – also known as a full Windsor or double Windsor – is a staple tie knot which produces a wide symmetrical knot that holds the tie firmly in its place and is comfortable to wear. When tied correctly, the knot is tight and does not slip away from the collar.

There is uncertainty as to how the name of the knot came about but many believe that it was invented by George V who preferred his knots wide and had his ties specially made with a cloth that was thicker in fabric to produce a wider knot than the four-in-hand knot.

How to Tie

1 – Position your tie so that the wide end of the tie is on the right and the small end is on your left. The tip of the smaller end should rest just above your navel.
2 – Place the wide end over the small end to the left.
3 – Bring the wide end up into a neck loop from underneath.
4 – Bring the wide end down to the left.
5 – Bring the wide end up to the center, towards the neck loop.
7 – Thread the wide end through the neck loop and down to the right.
8 – Bring the wide end across the front, to the left.
9 – Take the wide end and thread it up into the neck loop from underneath.
10 – Bring the wide end down through the loop you’ve just created in the front.
11 – Tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end, slide the knot up and adjust as needed.

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